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About Us

The main activity of Safir Promet is trade and distribution of fruits and vegetables. In addition the company works as a wholesale centre for trade with other food products.

The import-export business activities of the company are oriented towards trade of fruits and vegetables, thus the trade of the fruits is mainly concentrated on trade with the following types: apples, grapes, watermelons, honey-melons, blue plums, peaches, oranges, tangerines, etc. The trade of the vegetables on the other hand is concentrated on the trade with the following types: industrial peppers (peppers for industrial use), tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, egg plants, onions, potatoes etc.

Despite trading on the domestic (Macedonian) market, the import and export activities of the company are directed also outside of the country, namely the business partners of Safir Promet are located in: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Austria, Hungary.

Bosnia and Herzegovina